Rim of the Bay Hikes!

Dear Scouts,

The next few hikes are Rim of the Bay Hikes. If you attend and finish the hike, you will be getting a patch like this:

Also, check out the next hike at Pinnacles!


X-Miler Team

Second Rim of the Bay Hike!

This hike at Mt. Diablo on 3/26 will qualify you to get the rim of the bay patch. (pictured here:)

Inline image 1

For more info about the hike: http://verys.ml/mtdiablo

X-Miler Location Update


The locations for our 2017 X-Miler trip has changed once more, from Mount Shasta to Mount Lassen. Though this decision is not final, there is a chance we will host our campout at this location. If all else fails, our last resort is Yosemite National Park.

The SICs will continue filling in all of our website visitors with information when they occur.

Your 2017 Hiking X-Miler Team,

Ray Lin, Erik Ji, and Justin Hsieh