Practice makes perfect. But nobody’s perfect. Too bad.

Practice Hikes
Practice makes perfect. That’s true in most cases, but in this case, it can be the factor that separates you hiking up the mountain from you limping down. Practice is essential to everyone who plans to attend the campout, as it builds physical and mental strength. Practice hike will take place on weekends between January and June, and each hike will be worth a certain number of points. These points will be collectively added together to check if you are qualified for this campout. There will be one level of points you need to gain to attend the campout, and two more levels to see which trail you will be on. One group of higher point people will hike to the peak of Mount Whitney, while others will hike to a shorter peak nearby. This system is official and no exception will be made unless for good measure and approved by SICs.

Practice Hike Sign-ups

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Practice Hike Points

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