About Ray Lin

Ray Lin is a tech enthusiast that likes to test out and use the latest and greatest in technology.  He enjoys math, computers, science, and solving problems.

In addition to that, he enjoys creating new code to perform and do various tasks for himself and others. One example of this is the AP Practice Site he has created. Students are able to answer questions daily for multiple subjects. He also loves to create fun games to play during his free time. For example, he has created a pig game, which you can play the popular dice game with a computer.

He enjoys playing music and taking photos during free time. Ray has many albums of wonderful scenery he has shot. For example, he has taken photos of sunrise and sunsets, and also beautiful landscape panoramas.

Ray has a passion for reading science fiction books, and his favorite book series is the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.


Here are the websites I coded and collaborated on:

  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (First fully functional site): https://hhgttg.raylin01.com/
  • X-Miler Site (Custom Coded Theme): http://raylin01.com/xmiler
  • Boy Scout Merit Badge (Database PHP Page): http://raylin01.com/meritbadge
  • AP Practice Site (PHP Code): http://raylin01.com/ap (http://ap.raylin01.com/login.php
  • Infohandle Network Newspaper https://infohandle.net
  • Competitive Computer Science Club https://ccsc.ga
  • CompX2 Official Site https://contest.ccsc.ga



  • Philmont (Coming Soon)
  • Death Valley/Las Vegas (Coming Soon)
  • Florida’s Key West (Coming Soon)
  • Moon Photos: Photos of the moon on various nights, includes blood moon.
  • Starry Night Sky: First time taking photos of the sky in complete darkness!


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