I have participated in a variety of clubs and extracurricular activities during high school. Here are some of my clubs that I have attended:

  • Competitive Computer Science Club (CCSC)- During my Junior year of high school, I was invited to join our school’s Competitive Computer Science Club, a club were we practice our skills specifically for Computer Science Competitions. We have been training each meeting with specific algorithms and problem types that may appear in a competition through in club competitions. Each meeting we have a discussion about a topic then we would compete against each other for 30 minutes trying to solve the most amount of problems. In the club, I am currently holding the position of Website Manager. We feel that the website is a very important part of the club because it allows the rest of the school and many of the people who were unable to join the club to see what we are doing and access all our resources to learn along with us. We hope to be able to attend a few of the local competitions (like SF Hacks, Harker Programming invitational, and Stanford ProCo) as well as host our very own competition for others to enjoy.
  • Science Olympiad- The Science Olympiad club consists of 15 team members that compete in at least three events to contribute to the overall team score. Last year, at the regional event, unfortunately, our school team ranked number 7, and we needed to be the top 5 schools to reach the State Competitions. This year we aim to advance to the State Competitions and hope to reach the National Competitions. In the club, I am competing for the events of Towers, Remote Sensing, and Game on. In Towers, my teammate and I attempt to build the lightest 60 centimeter tower that can withstand at least 15 kilograms of weight. My personal record is 17grams, but this year I aim to build on that is less than 13 grams. Remote Sensing is more of a writing based event, where my partner and I have to answer a 50 question test that is based on satellite imagery and information. For game on, I have 50 minutes to build a scratch game that is based on the theme with my partner. This event is very competitive because it is easy to make a simple game that follows the theme, but very hard to make a thoughtful game that would win the competition in that short of a period of time.
  • Programming Club- I was a club leader and one of the three teachers in the Programming Club. In this club, we would teach the club members coding skills for Android as well as websites. We taught them skills during the first half of the year and for the other half, we attended many of the hackathons together as teams.